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The Copper Hair Color Trend Is Back, Thanks to Black Widow

Thanks to Black Widow, Copper Is the Next Huge Hair Color Trend For Fall

The Copper Hair Color Trend Is Back, Thanks to Black Widow
Image Source: Disney+

Copper has always been a gorgeous hair color shade, but thanks to Marvel's latest release Black Widow, starring Scarlett Johansson, it's seeing a major revival this fall. There's no denying that Natasha Romanoff's red hair looks amazing in the blockbuster, but we had no idea her vibrant hue would influence so many people to join the redhead club. Shortly after the movie hit theaters, Google searches for "copper hair" spiked.

This copper shade is similar to the "tiger daylily" hair color trend that was popular in the spring, except it's just a bit richer and more orange-red. Your hairstylist can help you ensure you have the perfect shade, adjusting the vibrancy as needed and even taking it to an ashy copper hair color shade if it suits you. The best part of this hair trend is that it's a great choice for those with darker hair. Unlike some lighter hair color trends, this one is less likely to involve heavy bleaching and therefore won't be as damaging to your hair.

Get inspired to transform into your own version of Black Widow with more copper red hair ideas ahead.

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