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Hairstylist's Tips to Touch Up Roots at Home

Jennifer Lopez's Hairstylist Shares How to Touch Up Your Roots at Home

Sure, everyone misses their manicures and wax sessions, but at the top of the list of beauty services we desperately want to get back to are our hair-color appointments, specifically for root touch-ups. You can pluck stray eyebrow hairs at home and practice your DIY mani skills, but coloring your hair is a whole different ball game; it takes some research and prep work to get ready to break open that box of hair dye.

While your best bet is to wait until you can get back in the salon, we understand that's not always an option. For anyone who dyes their hair a completely different color, regular appointments are crucial. To help make the process easier, celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton shared his tips for dyeing your roots at home. Ahead, find temporary and permanent hair-color solutions for grays and grown-out roots.

Tip #1: Cover Grays With Temporary Hair Pigment

You can prolong the time between dyeing your hair while still hiding grays with a temporary hair-color pigment. Appleton recommended the Color Wow Root Cover Up ($35). It comes in multiple colors so you can pick the shade that closest matches your hair. All you do is brush it onto your roots, and it instantly disguises grays with its transfer-proof pigment.

Tip #2: Use Vaseline Around Your Hairline When Using Permanent Hair Color

When using a box of permanent hair dye, Appleton shared his hack for keeping dye off your skin: Vaseline. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline along your hairline to keep dye from sticking to your skin when things start to get a little messy.

Tip #3: Split the Hair Into 4 Sections to Make a "T"

To make applying dye directly to your roots a little easier, Appleton recommended you split your hair into four sections, making a "T" with the front and back. Dyeing your roots in this "T" section will give you the most coverage without having to do the back of your head and hold you over until you can get to the salon for a full-service color appointment.

Tip #4: To Do a Full Head of Color Application, Work in Sections

To do a full head of color application to cover roots, start by sectioning your hair in the same "T." Then, working in quarter-inch sections, apply the dye to your roots before lifting that area of hair and repeating the process on the whole head.

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