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Easy Instagram Makeup Tutorials

22 Easy Yet Brilliant Halloween Costume Makeup Tutorials From Instagram

Easy  Instagram Makeup Tutorials

When it comes to planning out our Halloween costumes and Halloween makeup (duh), we're always looking for ways to one-up ourselves — to make this year's look even more creative than those of years prior. In 2020, that sentiment feels especially important, and the best way to do that is with help from some of the top Halloween makeup tutorials on Instagram.

Sure, we've watched the YouTube videos, been inspired by nail art on social media, hunted down tips and tricks on Pinterest, and even looked to Reddit. But this year, we think the key to crafting a memorable costume comes from a new kind of tutorial: Instagram videos. Thanks to makeup artists on one of the most ubiquitous social media platforms, followers everywhere are ready to tackle — and totally nail — makeup-heavy costumes like never before.

To get you excited for fall and looking forward to Halloween, we've rounded up our favorite Halloween makeup tutorials from Instagram. Here's to making this year's look the best yet.

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