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Jeffree Star Responds to Kat Von D

Jeffree Star to Kat Von D: "I Don’t Know Why You Lied"

Two days after Kat Von D publicly disassociated herself from former friend Jeffree Star with a Facebook post and YouTube video, Jeffree has taken to his own channel to release a statement. He explained that he waited to respond as he is traveling on a tour bus for Vans Warped Tour and wanted to collect his thoughts.

Despite Kat's plea to her fans to leave Jeffree alone, he said that has not happened. "There were so many things that were not true in the video," he announced. "But things have gotten past the point of internet drama." He shared that social media users found the home phone numbers of several of his family members and called them with death threats.

"I can't believe that you would post something knowing the response it was going to get," Jeffree said to Kat. "For you to use such a huge platform to say things that are not true . . . is so disheartening and so vicious."

The video is even longer than Kat's — it's nearly 24 minutes long — but he primarily addresses the accusations that he has not paid artist B.J. Betts.

Jeffree claimed that Kat doesn't do all of the art for her brand, and that in fact, B.J. has done lettering for some of her palettes. He also said that Kat initially offered to be the investor behind his brand and loan money to get him started. "I never heard back about the investment . . . after years of friendship, she went silent."

"I invested my life savings into my first three shades [of matte liquid lipstick]," he recounted. As he worked on this, Jeffree decided he wanted Betts to design the logo. "At the time, I was stoked on getting something done [by him], but was also a little fearful, because I had invested every last dime on my brand," Jeffree said.

He had no lawyer or business advisor when he started Jeffree Star Cosmetics and found that after he commissioned Betts to design some logos, he couldn't afford him. Jeffree ended up going with a designer that he had worked with for his now-defunct clothing line, using a similar-looking design.

"I never stole a logo," Jeffree commented. "And B.J. never said I stole the logo." Jeffree discloses that after talking to the artist, he discovered that Betts had no idea Kat was going to "go public" and show his design and mention his name. "For her to put that on blast without previously asking him, I find very inappropriate and I just feel sorry that he's now being dragged into this."

He went on, "What Kat shouldn't have done is spoken for somebody who never asked her to." He revealed that his and Betts's lawyers had long been in talks. Jeffree says that he wanted to pay Betts because, when Jeffree started his brand, the artist was "work for hire" and inspired him. Betts has since been paid. "There's no bad blood," Jeffree finished. "We might work on something for a palette for next year." Betts himself acknowledged this resolution in a Twitter post.

Later in the video, the vlogger disclosed that at an industry event, he found out that Kat told a beauty brand founder that Jeffree was trying to steal her ideas at their lab.

"Kat, I have never judged your character online, I have never said one bad thing about you, and I don't plan to now," he said. "I am just really hurt that you are telling people that I stole from you, and that I stole from B.J."

He told his fans that Kat's remarks that she helped him start his line are patently untrue. "Who is so egotistical to say that they created somebody? . . . I find that so offensive." Jeffree says he got his own meetings with the lab they both work with, with no assistance from Kat.

He was also hurt that Kat accused Jeffree Star Cosmetics of being a vegan line purely for financial reasons. Kat famously announced in an interview with LAIKA magazine that because she is vegan, she will be making all of her products accordingly. "From my understanding from knowing you for so long, Kat, [is that] you were never vegan until about a year ago," he said. Jeffree states that he has made all of his products vegan from the very start of his brand, despite the fact that he is not a part of that lifestyle, just for the sake of his fans. "I'm not trying to do anything but cater to everybody," he said.

He finished the video returning to the matter of B.J. Betts's payment. "B.J. has been paid. If you want to still attack me and say crazy sh*t, that's fine, I can take it. I'm a big girl and I know the truth." He told Kat that he still has love for her and wishes her the best.

"I never envisioned having a friendship breakup with someone so public," he exclaimed. "Sorry that you had to waste your time watching this."

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