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Kat Von D Video Statement About Jeffree Star

Kat Von D Slams Jeffree Star: "I'm Not Scared of You"

Makeup fans are buzzing over Kat Von D's Facebook post disassociating herself from YouTuber and former friend Jeffree Star. After promising to do so, she has now released her video statement. It is nearly 14 minutes long, but Kat spoke calmly and rationally throughout, sharing stories of how she's watched him bully fans, smaller brands, and even herself — and she claims that she was the one to help him start his line of products.

"If you ask Jeffree how he made his makeup line, I'm sure the story will be about how he's so self-creative," she said. "I went to such great lengths [to help him], I even hooked him up with a factory that was actually producing my Everlasting Liquid Lipstick formula . . . I got Jeffree a meeting to see if he could start his own makeup line."

Kat goes on to explain the true reason behind her self-imposed disassociation from Jeffree Star. She says that she set him up with a fellow artist, B.J. Betts, to design his packaging for his makeup range. Kat states that not only did Jeffree use Betts's art without giving him credit, but he didn't even pay him for his work. "B.J. would call him and Jeffree blocked his phone," she said.

"As far as being ethical . . . I think it's really wrong, what Jeffree's done. I think he needs to pay B.J.," Kat exclaimed. She then said to Jeffree, "You can't sit there and post all these videos of you, like 'Get Ready With Me in My Rolls Royce,' and then not pay a guy who worked really hard for you."

"You have the option to do the right thing — why not do that?" she went on. She seems to mourn their past friendship throughout the video but makes it explicit that any goodwill between the two of them is gone. "The Jeffree that he is now is a monster . . . this attention-seeking, fame-desiring, money-driven monster that I want no part in."

Kat even apologizes to those who have been negatively affected by Jeffree's attitude. "If I do regret anything, it's setting Jeffree up with that factory," she said. "I regret being a part of helping somebody become so self-absorbed when I probably could have spoken up a lot sooner."

Toward the end of the video, Kat is very clear that she doesn't want her fans to go after Jeffree. She explains that she's seen him rile up his followers and attack social media users on his behalf, and she is not interested in perpetuating that kind of behavior. "You can pick on all these other people that might be intimidated and won't say anything back, but Jeffree, I'm not scared of you," she announced. "If anything," she asked of her fans, "send positive vibes his way so he can make positive changes to his life, so he's not continuously hurting people around him."

Kat chose to disable the YouTube comments on this video in hopes of avoiding a "commenting war" but said that she wants to "live in a world where people are nicer to each other and stick up for what's right," signing her remarks with #payyourbills. We reached out to Jeffree for a statement, and he responded.

"I will be recording my own video with the truth," he told POPSUGAR. (You can view his response video here.) "I will not be responding to any media outlets so you can all feed off of negativity and make money off of our pain and miss truths [sic]. I understand you're just doing your job, so it's nothing against you but I want no part in this circus." He added, "What you should be doing [is] hosting a news article on how she dated a neo Nazi and supported his feelings . . . but I guess everyone's forgotten about that." He signed off with a cheery, "Have a good day."

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