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Overtone Rose Gold Conditioner With No Dye

Good News: You Can Now Use Dye-Free Conditioner to Get Rose Gold Hair

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Once thought of as a fad, rose gold hair is here to stay. The shade lives somewhere between neutral and metallic, which perhaps makes it the most versatile unicorn color of all time. If you haven't hopped aboard the pretty pink hair train already, I'd ask why, but also I think I know the answer. It's that damn dye! Who's got the time (or the correct emotional state) for bleaching their hair?

If you don't want to sit for a lengthy double-process color lift, you might think that rose gold is unattainable. Well, thanks to the good people at oVertone, now you can get rose gold hair from the privacy of your own shower — no dye required.

Perhaps you've already heard about the beauty godsend that is oVertone's Deep Treatment and Conditioners. The burgeoning brand has released this duo in nine hues, including peach, purple, teal and orange. Instead of going to the salon, if you have blond or light brunette hair, you can use this treatment to bring out rose gold.


To keep the color's longevity, you can rinse with the daily conditioner any time you wash your hair. And if you already have a rose gold mane, these products work to liven up your strands once the color fades. Translation: you don't have to go back into the salon to brighten things back up.

As with similar nondye hair coloring products like Lime Crime Unicorn Dreams ($16), oVertone works best on blondes or light brunettes. As you can see in the brand's Instagram (above), if you have beautiful, deeper brown or darker colored hair, the Daily Conditioner will bring out more of a (pretty dang cute) marsala tone.

After its initial release on Nov. 23, oVertone's rose gold line sold out almost immediately. But don't despair: you can purchase the back-ordered Deep Treatment ($28) and Daily Conditioner ($17) now, for a ship date of Dec. 11. That means the duo will arrive just in time for the holidays to make you look like a cotton candy ice princess.

Overtone Rose Gold Conditioner With No Dye
Deep Treatment
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Overtone Rose Gold Conditioner With No Dye
Daily Conditioner
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