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Sophie Turner With Blonde Hair

Whoa! Sophie Turner's Hair Now Makes Her Look Like Daenerys

Sansa's iconic red hair has made her a standout on the Game of Thrones series. We've admired her ruby-hued braids throughout the show and attempted to mimic her frequently elaborate hairstyles. Sansa has always been praised for her immense beauty and never fails to look good even through horrible tragedy. It's no surprise that we're fascinated by her classic beauty looks.

Image Source: HBO

However, we just learned that Sophie Turner (the actress who plays Sansa) switched up her iconic red locks. She revealed on Instagram that she now has platinum-blond strands. We can't help but wonder if she was inspired by another Game of Thrones character, Daenerys. It's not hard to see why she would want to emulate someone as badass as the Dragon Queen, but regardless, we are loving Sophie's fresh new hair color.

Image Source: HBO
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