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Summer Hair Tips

5 Ways I Transition Into My Summer Hair Routine, Starting Now

As the temps start to do a happy upward dance (ever so slowly), I'm naturally dreaming of updates to my beauty routine for the warmer months. I mean, from sunny brunches to outdoor music festivals to long days spent poolside, rosé in hand (and yes, maybe a few days a week in an overly air-conditioned office), there are so many occasions for which to prep and take preventative action.

My Spring-to-Summer transition plan calls for protective hair care and beauty, and ultimately, keeping my fine-but-somehow-thick, straight strands healthy lets me feel my best and enjoy Summer to the fullest.

From the big (or not-so-big) chop to strategically choosing products, this is how I prep my mane for the brighter days ahead.


Grow, Then Chop

My fine hair plus bangs (or any slightly shorter sections of hair vaguely skimming my bare skin — choppy angles and even baby hairs included, unfortunately — equals Grease City. In the first days of Spring, I make a note to start growing these pieces out to be easily swept behind my ears or into a pony on sweltering days.

Awkward growing-out lengths might occur, and their extremity will obviously depend on the length of said bangs throughout the cooler seasons. But either way, I embrace whatever these ex-bangs become. One year, I had straight blunt bangs going into Spring and so, a Farrah Fawcett-like, wavy curtain bang became my Summer lewk. The bangs paired awesomely with band tees and denim cutoffs, and in short, I was festival ready every day. So if you're like me and choose to grow bangs out bangs for Summer, just go with the flow and see where it takes you — awkward lengths and all.

And why not get a fresh cut in the meantime? As I grow out any face-framing bangs, a trim is usually in order for my hair, which is oh so prone to breakage. This is Spring cleaning at its best.

Choose Lightweight Products

Lightweight, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners will quench dry strands without weighing them down. I opt for a much lighter formula for both in early Spring to give my locks time to adjust. The barely there consistency of these products helps my hair feel spry and bouncy after a shower — and this feeling is #goals, especially in the Summer! There's no room for feeling weighed down when humidity strikes.

One of my favorite, cost-effective tricks is to add a couple drops of tea tree oil to my conditioner before applying. I'll also apply a few drops of keratin-infused oil on my strands before heading out, guaranteeing frizz-free smoothness all day long.

I also take time to stock up on other lightweight products like powdered dry shampoo — aerosol products tend to leave a heavy residue on my fine hair — to combat oiliness, along with clarifying shampoos and gentle, creamy hair masks to use postswim (chlorine, be damned).

Invest in Sun Protection

We often associate SPF with skin care — and it is so, so vital to wear sunblock year-round, not only for Summer! — but, it's also important to sun protect your hair.

I work in an office editing articles all day long, and I used to grossly underestimate the importance of sun protection. I would take walks during my lunch break, grab a coffee, and sometimes, go on runs outside after work — all without a proper SPF and heat protectant for my hair! To shield my hair from the sun's harmful rays, I'll now comb a heat protective product through my strands before heading out. My favorite is infused with argan oil. On beach days or at outdoor shows, using heat protectant is even more essential!

It also helps that hats of all kinds are currently de rigueur, so choose your favorite style! This year, I'm looking forward to rocking my sports cap and classic straw hat for the beach.

Warm Up With Color

When all the practical stuff is out of the way, I like to start thinking about coloring my hair to lighten it up. In the past, I've welcomed the warm weather with radiant, new locks via ombré or subtle balayage.

But these days, I don't like to commit to a high-maintenance color job (as beautiful as they are!). This year, I"m looking into a spray that creates subtle highlights with the help of the sun's rays and have found a pretty good selection of such products at my local drugstore. There are also tons of DIY options on Pinterest that I've saved, and I can't wait to peruse them! These superchill products simply let you go outside and let your hair enact its magic.

Accessorize, and Have Fun

Don't forget to have fun with your hair! I enjoy using pretty, minimalist clips to keep the hair out of my face and inject a little playful girliness into my look. From classic barrettes to flirty, vintage headbands, there's no end to accessories for your hair. Adding a unique clip or head wrap is just as fun as experimenting with highlighter or a new lipstick shade — I promise!

The updates to my hair routine are prescribed according to the needs of my own daily life, hair texture, and beauty preferences. Whatever works best for your unique (hair) situation is absolutely the way to go!

Image Source: Pexels / Min An
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