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Sun Damage Camera Video

You'll Never Again Go a Day Without Sunscreen After Watching This

If you're still making excuses about sunscreen, maybe this video will change your mind. Artist Thomas Leveritt had women and men of all ages view their faces under an ultraviolet lens, and the results were shocking! An ultraviolet camera is like the truth serum of skin care: it shows both your future and your past. Too much time unprotected in the sun or in the tanning bed reveals freckles, age spots, and sun damage. These spots aren't visible to the naked eye but can appear over time. On the other hand, children (or vigilant sunscreen wearers) appear flawless.

Dermatologists have told us time and time again that SPF is the greatest defense against aging. Under an ultraviolet camera, it shows up as a black barrier against UVA and UVB rays. So, the big takeaway? Put on a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day, not just on beach vacations or during sunny Summer Saturdays. You'll be glad you did when those brown spots never rise to the surface. In the meantime, see your dermatologist to get any moles checked for melanoma.

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Oilers14990498 Oilers14990498 2 years

Not really sure it's about having an unnatural fear of the sun. You only really need 10 min a day of sunshine (on exposed skin) to get enough D. Easy to do in the summer... and easy to go overboard and burn. When it's -25C out, and snowy for 6 months of the year, even 10 min is difficult (plus the sun's rays are weaker)... I think the climate has more to do with it than wearing too much sunscreen. But yes, I agree in theory that one should not go overboard using sunscreen. Fair people like me burn in 10 min, though... so I fear skin cancer more than most.

natashabrodsky natashabrodsky 2 years

What is that song?!?!

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