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Surprising Things That Are Aging You

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We all know that things like sun exposure, stress, and lack of sleep can be triggers for premature facial lines and wrinkles, but there are other not-so-obvious things that might be aging you as well. Everything from the way you sleep to your go-to hairstyle and even how you enjoy your beverages (really!) could be adding years to your look without you even noticing. Here are six surprising things you're doing every day that could lead to wrinkles and what you can do to keep them at bay.

1. Not applying SPF to your lips
You already know that you should be applying SPF to your face every single day, but did you know that you should also be applying it to your lips? Sun exposure can cause premature wrinkles and sunspots — not just on your complexion, but on your lips as well. Pick a hydrating balm with SPF, and be sure to reapply.

2. Not wearing sunglasses or the correct eye prescription
If forgetting your sunglasses when you're outside or wearing glasses or contacts that are too weak for your vision is causing you to squint, the skin around your eyes may be more prone to developing crow's feet. Visit an optometrist for a proper fitting, and always keep your sunglasses handy.

3. Drinking through a straw
While drinking through a straw might help your lipstick last longer, it's not helping you look any younger. The repeated muscle motion of pursing your lips for things like sipping through a straw, smoking, or even kissing can make fine lines appear around your mouth faster. If you're really worried about your lipstick, use a primer, and avoid putting both your upper and lower lip on the cup when taking a sip. As for kissing, you might as well enjoy it!

4. Not exfoliating
If your complexion is feeling dull and lacking radiance, low blood circulation to the face may be a reason. Blood flow wanes with age, but things like facial massages and physical exfoliators (as opposed to chemical ones), such as a scrub, can help boost circulation and bring back a healthy glow.

5. Sleeping on your stomach or side
The pressure from sleeping with your face against a pillow can cause compression wrinkles around your eyes, nose, and mouth. Plus, certain pillowcases can draw moisture away from your face, which may leave your skin feeling especially thirsty in the morning. Try switching to a silk pillowcase, which won't dry out your skin, and if possible, learn to sleep on your back.

6. Pulling your hair back
Constantly wearing your hair in a tight topknot or sleek ponytail can expedite hair loss and contribute to a receding hair line, as can washing your hair every day. Instead, try a loose side braid or a low pony, and switch up your hair-washing routine to a few times a week.

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