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Billie Eilish Debuts Brown Hair in New "Xanny" Music Video

So Long, Neon Roots — Billie Eilish Debuts Soft Brown Hair in Her New Music Video

Billie Eilish Debuts Brown Hair in New "Xanny" Music Video
Image Source: YouTube

Billie Eilish just traded in her neon-green roots for perhaps her tamest hair color yet: chestnut brown. In the singer's new self-directed music video for "Xanny," she debuts a soft brunette hue that's a far cry from the highlighter-esque color she's been rocking since the Summer. And damn, does she look good.

Eilish has had quite the impressive array of hair colors through the years, ranging from shiny silver to seafoam green and smoky gray to jet black, but this just might be the closest she's gotten to her natural brown color since catapulting into the music spotlight. No word on whether her most recent hair switch-up is permanent or simply for the music video, but either way, there's no denying she looks in-freakin'-credible.

Ahead, watch Eilish's "Xanny" music video to admire her new look. and then keep reading to see just how much her dedicated fans are stanning it.

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