"Black Glam" Nails Are Up 50% on Pinterest

If Kravis's wedding hasn't inspired your own gothic glam revival, this trending nail look might. According to Pinterest's 2022 Wedding Trend Report, searches for "black glam" wedding nails have increased over 50 percent as brides search for nontraditional wedding dresses, decor, and nail colors. But what, exactly, are "black glam" nails?

"Black glam nails are essentially just different variations of black nails and nail art," celebrity manicurist Mar y Sol Inzerillo tells POPSUGAR. "High shine or matte, nail art or single color, it doesn't matter as long as they complement your look. One of my favorite variations does have to be 'crushed velvet' black glam nails, which can be paired perfectly with the grungy vibe of the most recent Prada collection, though."

As with the majority of beauty trends as of late, we can thank the return of Y2K beauty and fashion as well as a more recent pop culture event for the return of this nail aesthetic. "Overall, the '90s are back, and black nails were a huge trend back then," Inzerillo says. "But also, more recently, the beautiful goth energy from the Kravis wedding extravaganza definitely has influenced the popularity of this nail trend."

If you want to try the "black glam" nail look at home, Inzerillo recommends using polishes like Lights Lacquer Tuxedo Mask ($11) or Gel Bottle Jet Black ($19) as a base and then playing with gold or silver leaf to combine trends and give the manicure a black chrome effect. If you're feeling even more adventurous, incorporate trending nail-art designs like shadow french, baby french, or negative space looks for a black manicure with a creative twist.

If you need some more black nail inspiration, scroll through some of the best iterations of the trend ahead.

Black Nail Ideas: Smoky Tips

Talk about a smoke show. This negative space design features swirls of smoke at the tips that's perfectly subtle but attention-grabbing. Since the see-through look involves extensions, you'll need to head to the salon for this one (just ask your technician for clear tips).

Black Nail Ideas: Glitter

Black nails with glitter might seem simple, and it is (in the best way): all it takes is two coats of an opaque black nail polish followed by one coat of a silver glitter polish.

Black Nail Ideas: Blue Smoke

A darker take on the marble nail trend is to give it a black and blue smoky vibe. This look was created using apres gel x manicure, but you could easily recreate it with regular nail polish.

Black Nail Ideas: Reverse Ombré

You typically see ombré colors fusing from dark to light, but this black manicure does the opposite, with the fade going downward toward the base of the nail. An extra glossy top coat gives the look extra shine.

Black Nail Ideas: Skull French Manicure

Black nails with rhinestones are fun, but black nails with rhinestone skull decals take the look up a notch. For an extra fun effect, add the embellishments to a french manicure design.

Black Nail Ideas: Matte Glitter

The term "dark winter glam" has never been so appropriate for a nail look. This one incorporates matte finishes and crystals for an extra fun twist.

Black Nail Ideas: Cross Accents

The black french manicure gets a holy twist thanks to these cross decals. To keep the look playful (and unpredictable) choose the accent nails at random, with no rhyme or reason.

Black Nail Ideas: Glitter French Manicure

The black french manicure is already a darker twist on a classic, but use a striping brush to trace a hint of glitter along the smile lines to take the look up a notch.