Bora Bora Braids Will Make You Feel Vacation-Ready

Just when you thought protective styles couldn't get any cuter, here come Bora Bora braids. The hairstyle feels like a combination of some of our favorite hairstyles over the years, from box braids to goddess locs. It's become so popular that people are catching flights (yes, full-on air travel) to get the look. "Fly with me to get $1000 braids," content creator Crystal Nicole captioned a video of her journey on TikTok where she travels to Los Angeles to get the look.

So, what are Bora Bora braids, you ask? Hairstylist Martika Cogdell tells PS, "Bora bora braids are a gorgeous lightweight style that is achieved using 100 percent human hair. This normally results in a very wavy texture to the look." The magic of Bora Bora braids lies in the fact that they look like the perfect cross between two protective styles: box braids and sew-ins.

Ahead, Cogdell explains where Bora Bora braids originated from, as well as how you can get the look.

What Are Bora Bora Braids?

"Bora Bora braids started to trend after hairstylist Omobolanle Ajoa, also known as 'Bora,' created the look," Cogdell says. Since then, Ajoa has worked with countless celebrities like Lala Anthony, Tems, and more, who have all requested her now signature technique.

"After her posts started going viral, countless braiders tried them out," Cogdell adds. "As a result, Bora Bora braids are all over social media. I've seen several people wear them on vacation, and they have even been making their way up and down runways during New York Fashion Week."

How to Get Bora Bora Braids

The process of getting Bora Bora braids is similar to that of goddess braids, but the amount of human hair used is different. This also impacts the maintenance of the style. "The human hair used in Bora Bora braids makes the style super lightweight," Cogdell says. "The installation process is the same as your average knotless braid, but using a wavy texture of bulk braiding hair creates its distinct look and featherlight feeling to the style."

As for the maintenance of Bora Bora braids, you may find them to be a bit finicky, but the end result will always be worth it. "Before adding in any product, ensure that your braids are completely detangled to avoid any sort of matting," Cogdell says. After doing your due diligence, the first thing you should do is hydrate the hair. "Follow the spritz of water with a setting mousse and a leave-in conditioner of your choice," Cogdell says. "I wouldn't recommend using any gels or extra-hold mousse since these products contain high levels of alcohol, which will eventually lead to having very dry, stiff braids."

Overall Bora Bora braids are a super versatile protective style that can be worn in a natural wavy pattern, down for a softer look, or curled using flexi-rods and hot tools. With proper maintenance, they can last more than two months.

Ready for your own Bora Bora braids? Keep reading for some timely protective-style inspiration.

Medium-Length Bora Bora Braids

Medium Bora Bora braids are perfect for those who want a bit of length, but don't want that maintenance that comes with hip-length (or longer) braids.

Red Bora Bora Braids

Bora Bora braids are even more fun when you mix in different colors. Why not give red hair a spin when doing your version?

Short Bora Bora Braids

A Bora Bora bob has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Blond Bora Bora Braids

Not only are extra-long Bora Bora braids a moment in and of itself, but this blond color is perfect for an international beach trip.

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