Here's How Long Your Box Braids Can Last, According to Their Size

Box braids are one of the most convenient protective styles out there and come in handy when you want to leave your natural hair alone for a few weeks. From jumbo box braids to small box braids, they're incredibly easy to style, even when your ends are tucked away. Still, if you're someone who's never had them before, there's a lot to think about when getting them for the first time. That includes researching which hairstylist you should trust to do the job, how you want them to look, length- and color-wise, and more importantly, how long they'll last.

Generally speaking, when you get box braids, your hairstylist might tell you that the style will typically last around six weeks, and while that's true in terms of most styles, how long your braids last often depends on how large they are. Medium box braids will last a little longer than large box braids, small will last longer than jumbo, and so on. But to get some clarity, we spoke to celebrity hairstylist and natural-hair vlogger Annagjid "Kee" Taylor about which box-braid sizes last the longest. Read ahead for an easy breakdown.

How Long Do Small Box Braids Last?

Per Taylor's advice, small box braids typically feature parts that are about as wide as a pencil. You can typically expect braids this size to last between six to eight weeks, depending on how you maintain them.

How Long Do Medium Box Braids Last?

Medium box braids, as Taylor explains, "will range in width from penny- to nickel-sized." Much like small braids, these will last up to eight weeks.

How Long Do Large Box Braids Last?

As a medium box braid is the size of a penny, a large box braid is normally the size of a quarter, according to Taylor. These braids typically have a shorter life span because the sections are much larger. "For larger braid sizes I would recommend keeping it in for four to six weeks since the sections are larger and won't have access to cleaning your scalp the way you would with smaller braids," she says.

How Long Do Jumbo Box Braids Last?

While you can theoretically keep jumbo box braids in for up to eight weeks, these braids are the most likely to need maintenance, especially if you wash your hair with your braids in. Because there are fewer braids installed, there's a higher chance of the style looking fuzzy simply due to the fact that there is more hair in one braid. If you're a stickler for extremely neat braids, you may want to keep jumbo braids in for four to six weeks max.