Brittany Snow Is Bioré's First Celebrity Spokeswoman

Nobody can forget it: the commercial where teenage girls pull a white strip off their nose and exclaim, "Ew! It looks like a porcupine!" It was that exact gross satisfaction that made Bioré Pore Strips a worldwide phenomenon. So it makes sense that the brand didn't need any celebrities touting the product to get the word out.

This year, Bioré announced its first celebrity spokeswoman, Brittany Snow. And it makes sense: Brittany has flawless skin, and the 28-year-old could pass for 18 (in the best way possible). You grew up watching her in series like Guiding Light and American Dreams and movies like John Tucker Must Die (helloooo, nostalgia!) and Hairspray. And now, the kids of the millennium will remember her as Chloe from Pitch Perfect. (Yes, I know that last sentence just aged me.)

Brittany is also an antibullying advocate, partnering with MTV and The JED Foundation for emotional health and preventing suicide, to launch the Love Is Louder movement.

I got a chance to chat with Brittany about her partnership with Bioré, the new charcoal pore strips, and, of course, everything Pitch Perfect 2. She also discussed the #StripWithBiore challenge, an opportunity that might get you on a red carpet with Britt herself at a Love Is Louder event.

Image Source: Biore