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"Brownie Batter" Brunette Hair-Color Trend For Winter

The "Brownie Batter" Hair-Color Trend Looks as Good as It Sounds

"Brownie Batter" Brunette Hair-Color Trend For Winter

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Brownie batter makes for a decadent treat that you just can't help but lick off the spoon, but if you really look at the rich, deep brown color of the concoction, you might notice it also makes an inspired hair color for brunettes. Because of this, the "brownie batter" hair-color trend is going viral on TikTok and shaping up to be a popular choice for anyone with dark hair — or looking to go darker — this winter.

Not only does the shade just sound nice (doesn't it make you hungry?), but it's a really pretty, dimensional brown. Picture the chocolaty swirls in a bowl of brownie mix, then visualize that color on your head.

What Is Brownie-Batter Brunette?

"Imagine the color of a brownie as the level of the brunette background of this trend," Matt Rez, celebrity hairstylist and Redken brand ambassador, tells POPSUGAR. He describes the color as "a dark-to-medium neutral-brown base accentuated with cool-gold balayage highlights interwoven throughout the perimeter." But that's not all — to really make the color pop, the highlights at the front of the head are bolder, framing the face and drawing the eye in.

Brownie-batter hair is flattering on all skin tones "as long as the level of the color is adjusted to the lightness or darkness of their eye color and [the] overall tone of the silhouette complements the client's skin tone," Rez says. As with any good hair-color treatment, a professional stylist will be able to make these tweaks to ensure you leave with the best version of the color for you.

Those who have existing deep-brunette hair with gold highlights, similar to the "winter gold" hair-color trend, should consider getting a gloss treatment to help enhance their color and bring it to brownie-batter-brunette level. Rez recommends the Redken Shades EQ Gloss, which is a salon-only treatment. "Especially the new Natural Chocolates line, to add dimension, shine, and condition," he says.

Sounds delicious, doesn't it? Ahead, get a helping of brownie-batter brunette hair-color inspiration.

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