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Money Piece Highlights Hair Color Trend

"Money Piece" Highlights Are the '90s-Style Spring Trend That's Like a Contour For Your Hair

We've already established that the hair trends set to dominate this spring and summer are retro styles that have been getting plenty of modern upgrades lately, so given our nostalgia for days past, it's not surprising that history is repeating itself yet again — especially in the realm of hair color trends. Alongside styles like flipped ends and '70s-style curtain bangs, we've also been seeing a resurgence of "money piece highlights," and even the pros agree that this is one that'll be everywhere this season.

Money piece highlights are similar to the chunky highlights that were popularized in the '90s (and not as subtle as the "reverse" highlights we've been seeing of late), and they're characterized as face-framing highlights that add a little bit of light to your face.

"This look is bold yet subtle, with the face-framing pieces being a tone-on-tone blend all the way to a stark contrast of lightening around the face," Matrix artistic director Michelle O'Connor said. "It's a great way to keep some depth at the roots, which makes for lower maintenance and upkeep. This is especially convenient during months where you're traditionally outside more and your hair has more natural sun exposure."

"I love the technique because it frames the face and makes the complexion glow."

Money pieces are also looked at as a great way to lighten up your hair slightly if you don't want to commit to fully coloring your entire head, and they can even emphasize your bone structure. "I love the technique because it frames the face and makes the complexion glow," colorist Rachel Bodt told POPSUGAR in a previous article. "It's the hair color equivalent to highlighter or makeup contour."

A contour for your hair might just be something we can get behind. Take a look at some of our favorite takes on money piece highlights ahead.

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