I Can't Be the Only One Mesmerized by This Buffy the Vampire Slayer Makeup Tutorial, Right?

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I'm never one to side with a villain when watching a movie or TV show, but I have to admit that the vampires from Buffy the Vampire Slayer would make one hell of a Halloween costume if you're looking to add some spice to an average vampire costume. Apparently FX beauty guru Ellinor Rosander agrees, since she recently dropped a mesmerizing tutorial on YouTube that sees her transforming herself into one of the vicious, Hellmouth-inhabiting creatures that the show's title character often faces off with.

In the 10-minute video, Ellinor shows viewers how to use liquid latex to create a prosthetic to place on her forehead in order to achieve the "classic, angry vampire" expression before completing the look with creepy yellow contacts and smoky eye makeup. The video makes the process look a little less intimidating than the end result would have it appear, but that could just be the five times I've watched the tutorial making me say that. Whatever the case, I may or may not have added this one to my list of potential Halloween costumes this for this year. Watch the full video above, and then head over here to check out some of our favorite Halloween makeup tutorials from Instagram.