Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Endorse Colorful Eyelashes on the Catwalk

Eye makeup is always evolving, especially with innovative products and new techniques like magnetic lashes and lash lifts. And now, after appearing on the runway during Milan Fashion Week, colorful lashes appear to be the next big thing. In the Prada show on Feb. 23, models including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid stepped out in unexpectedly colorful false eyelashes. Jenner wore lavender while Hadid tried out a pale peach version, and there were plenty of other shades in the show.

The bold lashes created a subtle rainbow on the runway, although the whimsical makeup detail was mainly noticeable up close. Each model's lashes also coordinated with their respective outfits, serving as an unexpected accessory and potential inspiration for those looking to add something new to their routine, especially as spring approaches. To complete their looks, some models swept matching mascara on their bottom lashes for a monochromatic finish.

Black and brown lashes have historically reigned supreme, although blue mascara gained some popularity in recent years, and lately, consumers seem more willing to experiment with services like colored eyelash extensions. The makeup on "Euphoria" and creativity taking place on TikTok are worth thanking. Celebrities are also pushing the bounds of beauty, with Doja Cat recently wearing false eyelashes as a mustache at Paris Fashion Week, and Julia Fox dyeing her hair and eyebrows bright red.

Check out the colorful lash trend below, and see if you would give it a try.