Leave It to Doja Cat to Wear a Mustache Made of Fake Lashes

Doja Cat's latest look proves nothing is off limits. The Grammy-winning artist turned heads at Victor & Rolf's Paris Fashion Week presentation on Jan. 25 by wearing fake eyelashes repurposed as a goatee, eyebrows, and mustache — a "lash-stache," if you will.

After some fans were reportedly disappointed that her recent Schiaparelli makeup look featuring 30,000 red Swarovski crystals didn't include lashes, Doja Cat promised to make amends. "If lashes are what you all want, then lashes are what you'll get," she wrote on Instagram Stories, adding, "See you at Viktor & Rolf 🥸."

To deliver on her promise, the rapper embodied a real-life disguised-face emoji with five fluffy lash strips fashioned as faux facial hair and finished with natural-looking makeup, a black buzz cut, and blue sunglasses.

In an interview with Nylon before the show, she explained that she simply did this to make people happy. "People were saying that I didn't have lashes and that they were disappointed that I didn't have on lashes, yet I worked with one of the greatest makeup artists of all time, Pat McGrath," Doja Cat said, reflecting on McGrath's creation for the Schiaparelli show. "Today I gave them lashes, so I hope they're happy. I just want to make people happy."

From her abstract face paint at Vogue World to her various outside-the-box makeup choices at Paris Fashion Week last year, Doja Cat has been consistently turning out surprising beauty looks since shaving off her hair and eyebrows. Keep reading for a closer look at her latest head-turning makeup moment.