The "Contoured Bob" Is Spring's Most Popular Cut

Hailey Bieber, Cara Delevingne, Ciara, and Hilary Duff have all made one thing clear: bob haircuts are very in right now. If you're considering going over to the bob side, know you have options — plenty of them. But if you've already tried the classics like the choppy bob and blunt bob and you're craving something fresh for the new season, you should consider the "contoured bob" haircut trend.

There's something about short hairstyles that just say spring and summer. The warm weather makes us want to shed all of those extra layers we've been hiding under all season — clothing- and hair-wise. A short, shoulder-grazing (or even chin-grazing) haircut is great in both function and style. It's flirty and light, but also keeps you cool on a hot, sunny day. There are many different short haircuts out there to choose from, ranging from the ultracropped pixie cut to the lob (a long bob), but there's something magical about a "contoured bob."

Ahead, a hairstylist shares exactly what a "contoured bob" is, plus styling tips for when you leave the salon.

What Is the "Contoured Bob" Haircut Trend?

You may think contouring is reserved for makeup, but the right hairstyle can almost be the next best thing to your cream bronzer palette. The "contoured bob" haircut is one of them.

"Unlike traditional flat, straight bobs that cover the sides of your face, the 'contoured bob' highlights your features by showcasing your cheekbones and jawline," Devin Toth, a hairstylist at Salon SCK in New York City, tells POPSUGAR. This makes the final look very different from the popular "frame" or "box bob" iterations.

At the salon, ask for a chin-length bob, and to get the "contoured" look, ask for "either soft bangs or soft, face-framing layers," Toth says. This will allow the hair to naturally curve around the face.

How to Style "Contoured Bob" at Home

The "contoured bob" haircut works on all hair types, but it'll be easier to see the unique shape on straight and wavy hair. With that in mind, Toth recommends you round brush your hair after showering to add volume but don't make it too "bubbly" or round.

"If you have face-framing layers, round brush those away from your face to show off your cheekbones," he says. No bangs or layers, no problem. "You can still reveal your cheekbones by using a curling iron to gently wave the hair off and away from your cheeks." To finish off the style, straighten the ends of your hair with a flat iron.

"You can also use hairspray to lightly set the hair so it stays away from your cheekbones and jawline throughout the day," he says.

"Contoured Bob" Haircut Trend Inspiration

"Contoured Bob" Haircut

This "contoured" bob haircut features curtain bangs that frame the eyes and blend into face-framing layers that curve around the cheekbones.

"Contoured Bob" Haircut

This piecey "contoured bob" also has choppy layers around the entire head for even more texture.

"Contoured Bob" Haircut

You don't have to go ultra short with your "contoured bob" — the style also works on a longer style, like a lob haircut.

"Contoured Bob" Haircut

This "contoured bob" doesn't have face-framing layers so it achieves the same effect by curling the front pieces.

"Contoured Bob" Haircut

This "contoured bob" is slightly rounded with blunt ends, which makes hair look fuller.