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Fable & Mane Founders Akash and Nikita Mehta's Must Haves

Fable & Mane's Founders Share Their Must Haves: From Hair Oil to Hoka Sneakers

Fable & Mane Founders Akash and Nikita Mehta's Must Haves

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Fable & Mane has made the practice of hair oiling mainstream, and the siblings behind the brand, Akash and Nikita Mehta, are championing Ayurveda to be a part of everyone's daily life. "I generally have felt that the benefit of Ayurveda to people is so profound, and it's been time-tested for thousands of years," Akash says. "It would be a disservice for someone not to want to bring that to someone."

The Mehtas wanted to modernize hair oiling by creating a beautiful, sensorial experience that smells good, feels lightweight, and is easy to wash out. "We just saw a gap at the time that there wasn't enough hair oiling, at least done the right way, owned by South Asians, told from an authentic point of view," Niki says.

In fact, according to Akash, every employee of the Fable & Mane team takes courses on Ayurveda so that everyone who represents the brand is educated on the subject that defines the brand. "We will do it in the right way that honors our ancestors, and also celebrates our culture," Akash says.

Fable & Mane is rooted in Ayurvedic ingredients and principles, and the brand founders have implemented these practices in their daily life. Akash recommends using a copper tongue scraper to clean your tongue every morning, while Niki simply encourages incorporating copper throughout your daily routine — whether it's using a Kansa wand for facial massages or drinking out of a copper water bottle or cup. Akash also incorporates Kapalbhati Pranayama breathwork into his routine. However, for beginners, he recommends a routine from Eddie Stern that will help with kickstarting your metabolism. "Cover one nostril and breathe 16 times from one nostril, and switch," he says.

Akash also advises to never skip a head massage day and to do it with the right intentions, by removing distractions and giving yourself ample time to truly unwind. Niki champions extending this to your entire body and showing it appreciation. "If you have at least five minutes, dry brush, shower, and just massage yourself with oil, and thank each limb. Thank your arms for working, your heart, your stomach for digesting your food," Niki says.

Beyond sharing their passion for Ayurveda and their favorite practices, the Mehta siblings let us in on some of their favorite must-have products. From the editor-favorite Oura Ring and a brain teaser activity book to an organic rose tea and supportive Hoka sneakers, these are their current must-haves.

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