#FlexinMyComplexion Is the Hashtag Making White Women Jealous


Recently #FlexinMyComplexion has stirred up an important conversation on Twitter. The primary question: what color of skin is beautiful? We tend to agree with the belief that all shades are gorgeous, from the fairest faces to the deepest mahogany hues. However, #FlexinMyComplexion was a movement brought about by the lack of darker skin tones in mainstream media.

Typing "beautiful skin" into your Google search brings up a barrage of stock images of the same theme — white woman, straight hair, light eyes (yawn). Unfortunately this is a litmus test for how our society sees beauty, and it's also pretty inaccurate when it comes to how the people on our planet actually look.

So, women of color began posting their own images as a way to highlight the beauty of complexions, from deep tawny to dark ebony. The shots are stunning and reflect the diversity of skin tones (not just the whitewashed image we're so used to seeing on our screens).

However, #FlexinMyComplexion does have haters — of course. Some women claim that the hashtag is an act of reverse racism (Why just highlight dark skin tones, when all women are beautiful?). Honestly, we're just happy to see women of every color embracing their God-given beauty.