Hilary Duff Has Over 20 Tiny Hidden Tattoos

You wouldn't know it just by looking at her, but Hilary Duff has a lot of tiny tattoos — over 20, actually. The small pieces of ink are scattered throughout her body, mainly on her arms. Duff strategically selected the location for each of her tattoos with subtlety in mind — when her arms are down, they're completely hidden, but when her arms are on display, you can see her vast collection of body art.

There are, however, a few designs that are rarely photographed. One is a star on the back of her neck; another is the French phrase "Ma Petite Amie," which means "my girlfriend" or "my little friend," on her ribs. For her Women's Health June 2022 cover shoot, Duff posed naked giving a glimpse at another hidden tattoo of a butterfly on the side of her hip, a Post-it note with a smily face on the back of her arm, and a snake on her inner forearm. (But her husband, Matthew Koma, has her beat with the most hidden tattoo of them all — his wife's name, "Hilary," tattooed on his butt cheek . . . )

Some of her tattoos are around 10 years old, but she's continuously building on her collection. In 2022, she got tattoo of Saturn with her "Younger" costar Molly Bernard. Many of Duff's tattoos have special meanings behind them, like one for her son, Luca, and she has multiple friendship tattoos with various loved ones, including her sister. Aside from one tiny red heart, Duff clearly prefers the style of delicate black-ink tattoos, which is why celebrity tattooist Dr. Woo is her go-to.

Keep scrolling to see all of Duff's tattoos, and read about each one's meaning.

Hilary Duff's "Stand by Me" Tattoo
Getty | Chelsea Lauren

Hilary Duff's "Stand by Me" Tattoo

The phrase "stand by me" is tattooed on Duff's inner right elbow in a small font. The exact date she got it is unknown, but it was sometime in 2010.

Hilary Duff's "Thick as Thieves" Tattoo

The inside of Duff's left arm has the phrase "Thick as Thieves" in script. She told Ellen Degeneres on her show in 2015 that it's a matching piece of ink with her sister, Haylie. While we don't know what year she got it, it is one of her older tattoos.

Hilary Duff's Wishbone Tattoo
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Hilary Duff's Wishbone Tattoo

On Duff's right wrist, she has a small wishbone tattoo that dates back to 2011 to symbolize good luck.

Hilary Duff's "Let It Be" and Anchor Tattoos
Getty | Raymond Hall

Hilary Duff's "Let It Be" and Anchor Tattoos

The writing in script on Duff's right foot reads "Let It Be . . . ," and on the inside of her ankle on her left foot is a tiny anchor. The date she got them is unknown.

Hilary Duff's Bird Tattoo

In 2012, celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo added a bird tattoo to Duff's right arm — right next to her "stand by me" tattoo. She told Degeneres it's her favorite one.

Hilary Duff's Red Heart Tattoo
Getty | Vera Anderson

Hilary Duff's Red Heart Tattoo

On her left wrist, Duff has a tiny red heart that she got in 2013.

Hilary Duff's 2-Cent Coin Tattoo

Duff has two matching tattoos with her best friend Alanna Masterson. The first is a small two-cent coin that she got in 2013 on her left arm by Dr. Woo.

Hilary Duff's "Luca" Tattoo

Hilary Duff's "Luca" Tattoo

On the inside of Duff's right wrist, she has her son's name, "Luca," tattooed with a small heart.

Hilary Duff's Arrow and Crescent Moon Tattoo
Getty | Sarah Morris

Hilary Duff's Arrow and Crescent Moon Tattoo

Located on Duff's right bicep are an arrow and crescent moon. Although we don't know exactly when she got this tattoo, it was sometime before 2014. If you look for this piece of ink in current photos of Duff, it's hard to see because it has faded significantly.

Hilary Duff's Ghost Tattoo

Duff's second matching tattoo with Masterson is of a ghost with the words "ride or die" hidden in it by Dr. Woo. She got it in 2014, and it's located on her right arm. "Another set of bestie tattoos for two of the best besties I know @lucytwobows @hilaryduff," his Instagram caption read.

Hilary Duff's "BK" Tattoo

Duff got a tiny matching tattoo with a friend of the letters "bk" in 2014. She told Degeneres on her show that it represents her time in Brooklyn while filming "Younger."

Hilary Duff's Double-Rose Tattoo

In 2016, Duff added this delicate double-rose tattoo to her right bicep (right next to her arrow and crescent moon tat) by Dr. Woo. The meaning behind the beautiful ink is unknown.

Hilary Duff's "Take Fountain" Tattoo

In 2017, Duff went back to Dr. Woo to get the famous phrase "Take Fountain" (aka Fountain Avenue) tattooed on her inner arm. His caption on Instagram reads, "One of the best tips when you are driving in LA via #bettedavis."

Hilary Duff's Bear Hip Tattoo

A tattoo on Duff's hip can be seen when she's in a bathing suit. The ink was initially hard to decipher but the star's 2022 Women's Heatlh Austrailia cover made it clear that the design is of a bear's head.

Hilary Duff's Sun Tattoo

In 2019, Duff paid a visit to celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Stone for a sun symbol on her right inner arm. During the same visit, she also got a supertiny star symbol by her elbow, but unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to see in photos.

Hilary Duff's Saturn Tattoo

In January of 2022, Duff and her "Younger" costar Molly Bernard got matching Saturn tattoos. Duff got the design on her inner arm, not far from her two-cent coin and "Thick As Thieves" tattoos, and Bernard got it on the side of her wrist.

Hilary Duff's Wildflower Arm Tattoo

If you look closely, you can see a tiny tattoo of wildflowers near Duff's elbow.

Hilary Duff's Post-It Note Tattoo

On the back of Duff's right arm is a tattoo that's rarely caught on camera, though it could be spotted on her recent Shape magazine cover. It's a Post-it note with a smiley face on it. She told Women's Health, that it's "a daily reminder to remember all the things I have in my life that make me happy."

Hilary Duff's Butterfly and "Ma Petite Amie" Tattoos

Duff has two pieces of ink on her torso that are nearly impossible to catch in photographs. One is the French phrase "Ma Petite Amie," which means "my girlfriend" or "my little friend" on her ribs. The other hidden tattoo is of a butterfly on the side of her hip. Both can be spotted in her naked Women's Health photo shoot.

Hilary Duff's "Mother" Neck Tattoo

In her Women's Health interview, Duff said she got a tattoo of the word "Mother" on the side of her neck in 2022.

Hilary Duff's Snake Tattoo
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Hilary Duff's Snake Tattoo

On Duff's right inner elbow is a fine-line snake tattoo with tiny stars around it. "My daughter call this a magic snake," she told Women's Health. "I don't know why but I quite like that she calls it that."

Hilary Duff's Evil Eye Tattoo

In August 2022, Duff visited tattoo artist Victoria Do of Bang Bang Tattoo for a standout piece: an evil-eye motif at the center of a lotus, with a pair of hands surrounding the illustration. The ink is placed above her elbow.

Hilary Duff's 17 Tattoo

In August 2023, Duff shared a photo of her laying with a dog. In the Instagram post, a new piece of ink can be spotted above the two-cent coin tattoo. The number "17" appears to be inked on the inside of her arm.