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What Do HyunA's 25+ Tattoos Mean? A Guide to Her Ink

A Guide to HyunA's Extensive Tattoo Collection

What Do HyunA's 25+ Tattoos Mean? A Guide to Her Ink
Image Source: Getty / VCG
  • HyunA has 25 known tattoos so far.
  • Most of the K-pop singer's designs are small and visible, but others are harder to decipher.
  • Keep reading to learn what each of HyunA's tattoos means.

Kim Hyun-ah, better known as HyunA, knows well how to express herself with art. The perfect example: her many tattoos, the designs of which you can see all over her social media. With an ever-growing collection of ink, the K-pop sensation has at least 25 known tattoos covering her body, making her one of the most decorated South Korean women artists. While most of her designs are clearly visible in pictures, there are a couple others — like the one on her back or the one behind her ear — that are mostly kept hidden.

Still, there are many deeper meanings behind them. HyunA has tattoos about her parents, project titles, self-affirmations, and more, and they're in a wide variety of styles, from tiny text to line work to illustrations. Others are sentimental; before HyunA got engaged to her longtime boyfriend and fellow K-pop singer Dawn, the pair shared a tattoo to commemorate the relationship.

While most of her tattoos are meaningful, some are also just for aesthetics. If you're itching to discover every single tattoo design HyunA has gotten throughout the years or simply looking for some inspiration, continue scrolling to see her entire collection — and learn what each one means.

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