A Guide to HyunA's Extensive Tattoo Collection

  • HyunA has 25 known tattoos so far.
  • Most of the K-pop singer's designs are small and visible, but others are harder to decipher.
  • Keep reading to learn what each of HyunA's tattoos means.

Kim Hyun-ah, better known as HyunA, knows well how to express herself with art. The perfect example: her many tattoos, the designs of which you can see all over her social media. With an ever-growing collection of ink, the K-pop sensation has at least 25 known tattoos covering her body, making her one of the most decorated South Korean women artists. While most of her designs are clearly visible in pictures, there are a couple others — like the one on her back or the one behind her ear — that are mostly kept hidden.

Still, there are many deeper meanings behind them. HyunA has tattoos about her parents, project titles, self-affirmations, and more, and they're in a wide variety of styles, from tiny text to line work to illustrations. Others are sentimental; before HyunA got engaged to her longtime boyfriend and fellow K-pop singer Dawn, the pair shared a tattoo to commemorate the relationship.

While most of her tattoos are meaningful, some are also just for aesthetics. If you're itching to discover every single tattoo design HyunA has gotten throughout the years or simply looking for some inspiration, continue scrolling to see her entire collection — and learn what each one means.


HyunA's Shoulder Tattoo

Perhaps one of HyunA's most visible tattoos is the script inked on her left shoulder that reads "My mother is the heart that keeps me alive" with four tiny stars surrounding the text. The design symbolizes the K-pop star's love for her mother.

In the area behind her right ear, HyunA also has a small, red-inked piece in a heart symbol.


​ HyunA's Tattoo With Fiancé Dawn

In July 2021, HyunA unveiled a new tattoo that she got with her longtime boyfriend — now-fiancé — Dawn. The back of Dawn's right hand reads the letters "LI," while HyunA's left hand spells the letter "FE" with a tiny red heart drawn atop that. When joined together, their shared tattoo spells "LIFE."


HyunA's Inner-Elbow Tattoo

HyunA got the design "60 Dad" inked on her left arm near her inner elbow. This is a nod to her father's birth year, 1960. HyunA has previously expressed her appreciation for her dad in helping her realize her dreams: "There's a saying my father told me a lot as a child. He said that I'm here because of others and that others are here because of me," she said in an interview with W Korea. "When I was younger, I didn't understand the meaning of those words, but as time passed by, those words absorbed into my skin in different ways. Whether it be 10 years ago or now, I think I try to work harder on the stage for everyone who lifts me up. It might be that the people around me are the ones who most want recognition."


HyunA's Foot Tattoo

In an October 2021 Instagram post, HyunA revealed an instep design that reads "HELLO HELLO" with the two O's making up a smiley face. She has not shared the tattoo's meaning.


HyunA's Latin Tattoos

HyunA has got two Latin words etched on various body parts: "Tempus" on her right inner arm, which means time, and "Fatum" on her lower back, which translates to "fate." The design is clearly visible in this snap.


HyunA's Hebrew Tattoo

HyunA also has a Hebrew word inked on her right shoulder, positioned right along her collar bone, pronounced "Emunah," which means "belief" or "faith" in English.


HyunA's Thumb Tattoo

The word "LOVE" is tattooed on HyunA's right thumb with each letter separated by small black dots. The design is black except for the letter "V," which is in red ink.


​HyunA's Elbow Tattoos

Above her left elbow, HyunA has the words "I'M" with the ink "SPECIAL" on her right elbow.


HyunA's Hand and Wrist Tattoos

Another continued design in Hyuna's tattoo collection includes "LIKE" written on her left wrist and "THAT" following it up on her right wrist.

In addition to the red-and-green-colored tulip tattoo, positioned on her left index finger, you'll notice various single and double lines smattered across her fingertips. Keep scrolling for where else HyunA has line work.


HyunA's Line Tattoos

HyunA has an affinity for line and delicate dot designs. In addition to having a thin red armband on her left lower hand, the artist has red-and-green thin lines on her right pinky and ring fingers with double lines on her right middle finger. Red-and-blue-colored minuscule dots can be seen on her right ring and middle fingers, respectively. There is also a small "X" on her right index finger with a trail of three dots tracing down her left pinky finger.

While HyunA hasn't shared the meaning behind the lines, the red lines tend to symbolize a string of fate that leads to your life partner.


HyunA's Cherry Tattoo

The singer has three red-and-green-colored tiny pairs of cherries inked on her midback. HyunA has not shared their meanings.


HyunA's Initials Tattoo

HyunA's initial "H" is placed on her left wrist with the letter "A" inked on her right ring finger.


HyunA's Four Emoticon Series Tattoo

HyunA has a design of four colorful emoji running down her right wrist. Perhaps her most eye-catching tattoos, each emoticon shows a different emotion and are colored red, yellow, green, and blue.


HyunA's Rib-Cage Tattoo

To commemorate the debut EP release of South Korean musical trio Triple H — consisting of HyunA, Dawn, and Hui — HyunA got the album title "199X" tattooed on her right ribs followed by a smiley.


HyunA's Thigh Tattoo

At the top of her left thigh, Hyuna has what appears to be two overlapping red-colored heart designs. She has not shared the meaning, although these can often represent love.


HyunA's Right-Arm Tattoo

On her upper right arm, HyunA has the words "Nobody Knows" outlined in black ink with the insides filled with a light-pink hue.


HyunA's Left-Forearm Tattoo

On the inside of her left forearm, the superstar has a black cross. She has not shared its meaning.


HyunA's Right-Arm Tattoo

The multicolored capital letters "FUN" are inked on the inside of HyunA's right arm. The letters F, U, and N are blue, yellow, and red, respectively, to represent her group Triple H's logo colors.


HyunA's Saturn Tattoo

HyunA has Saturn and two stars inked on the inside of her right wrist.


HyunA's Illustrative Tattoo

Her most recent addition to her ever-growing collection of tattoos includes a red-colored filled-out heart surrounded by three teddy bears with angel wings. This is placed right above her red armband tattoo on her right lower arm.


HyunA's Pistol Tattoo

The tattoo artist who worked on the above-mentioned illustrative design also shared an image of HyunA's never-seen-before pistol tattoo right below the red armband ink on her left lower arm.