54 Inspirational Tattoos That Make Every Day Better

There are few things more empowering than having bold and beautiful inspirational tattoos that inspire you to live your life to the fullest every time you look at them. Whether you're enlightened by a quote or motivated by a word, getting inked with an uplifting tattoo can help you feel your best and makes for beautiful body art. A win-win.

There are a number of inspirational tattoo quotes out there, but it's even better when you pick a design that holds a special meaning for you. Motivational tattoos can serve as a reminder to keep working toward your goals and dreams or symbolize a tumultuous time in your past that you were able to push through and overcome.

If you're looking to add a new piece of ink to your collection and thinking about getting some inspirational, meaningful tattoos, you're in luck. Whether it's your first or 100th tattoo, having one of these will stand out no matter where you get it. Ahead, we rounded up the best inspirational tattoo ideas to help you choose.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano, Haley Lyndes, and Jessica Harrington


Inspirational Tattoos: "This Too Shall Pass"

"This too shall pass" is an extremely popular inspirational quote and makes for a beautiful tattoo.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Forever Young"

You can dress up your inspirational tattoo by adding a design to it, like this person did with a ring of leaves around their quote.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Breathe"

This "breathe" tattoo is incredibly simple yet very personal and meaningful.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Angel"

If you're a fan of fine-line tattoos, you can get your inspirational quote in a super-delicate font.


Inspirational Tattoos: "I've Got the World to Go"

World travelers will love this motivational tattoo, which features a tiny plane.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Simplify"

This tattoo perfectly embodies the word "simplify" — it's tiny in size with crisp, clean lines.


Inspirational Tattoos: "No Matter Where, No Matter What"

Your motivational tattoo can also serve as a matching tattoo with someone close to you.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Be Afraid but Do It Anyway"

When life gets tough, it's important to keep going. This large script tattoo will remind you of that.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Here, Now"

Staying present in today's world can be hard. This tattoo reading "here, now" can help you feel a little bit more grounded.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Aquí"

"Aquí" in Spanish means "here." Every time you look at this tiny tattoo, you can remember to center yourself.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Be Strong"

Being strong isn't always easy, but getting a tattoo with the phrase can help you feel better when you're down.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Baby Steps"

The phrase "baby steps" makes for a subtle and sweet motivational tattoo.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Must Be Stronger"

If you want a design that's a little more personal than just "be strong," this is a unique twist.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Let Go, My Soul"

This motivational tattoo is located on the forearm in a black cursive font.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Positivity"

Optimists will love this "positivity" tattoo because it represents their happy disposition.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Wherever You Are Be Fully There"

"Wherever you are be fully there" is a beautiful quote for a tattoo.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Still I Rise"

"Still I rise" is from a Maya Angelou poem and makes for a beautiful motivational tattoo.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Simplify"

This is a different take on the word "simplify." You can opt for the placement on the inside of your wrist so you can see it clearly.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Don't Stop"

"Don't stop": these two little words can motivate you to keep working toward your goals.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Self Love"

Self-love is so important. You'll never regret getting a tattoo to represent that.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Breathe"

This "breathe" tattoo, located under the collarbone, will rise and fall with every deep breath you take.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Lights Will Guide You Home"

"Lights Will Guide You Home" is from the Coldplay song "Fix You."


Inspirational Tattoos: "I Belong Deeply to Myself"

This tattoo reads "I belong deeply to myself" and is dressed up with a delicate rose next to it.


Inspirational Tattoos: "It's Okay"

A simple phrase like "it's okay" can hold a lot of meaning.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Better Than Yesterday"

We're always improving and becoming better versions of ourselves.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Love Is the Warmest Color"

This sweet phrase, located on the inner elbow, is a sentimental design.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Side by Side

This tattoo can serve as a reminder that you can do anything with the right people by your side.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Do Small Things With Great Love"

Every time you look down at your wrist, this tattoo reading "Do small things with great love" will pop out at you.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Be Brave"

Being brave isn't easy, but this tattoo helps you remember that you can do anything.


Inspirational Tattoos: "GRL PWR"

Tap into your girl power with a fun hidden tattoo.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Keep Swimming"

From the Disney movie "Finding Nemo," the phrase "keep swimming" makes for a great motivational tattoo.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Different Doesn't Mean Wrong"

Being different makes you unique; this tattoo highlights just how amazing that is.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Begin Again"

This tattoo can mean different things to different people. We like to think that it means every morning when you wake up, you have the opportunity to begin again.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Patience"

As the saying goes, "patience is a virtue." This tattoo, placed on the hand, helps keep that front of mind.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Tomorrow Is Too Late"

If you want a design that motivates you to seize every day like it's your last, this one, which reads "Tomorrow is too late," does just that.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Do Good" and "Be Kind"

Above each knee is a fun placement for your inspirational tattoo. This one reads "do good" and "be kind."


Inspirational Tattoos: "Love," "Loyalty," "Respect," and "Peace"

This inspirational tattoo technically has four parts. The four fingers all have a different word: "love," "loyalty," "respect," and "peace."


Inspirational Tattoos: "Shine"

Placed right under the collarbone, this "shine" tattoo will stand out to you every time you look in the mirror.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Time Will Tell"

Being patient is hard, but this "time will tell" tattoo reminds you that you can't rush through life.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Take Me Far"

For those who love to travel, this "take me far" tattoo is a beautiful choice. It even features a bird flying away.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Faith"

If your faith is very important to you, why not get a tattoo to represent it somewhere that you can easily see?


Inspirational Tattoos: "Let It Be"

It can be hard to let things go, but this "let it be" tattoo will help keep you present.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Learn to Live With It"

This motivational tattoo is written upside down so the wearer can read it.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Get What You Give"

"Get what you give" is a beautiful quote for those looking to live more intentionally.


Inspirational Tattoos: "If You Want It, Work For It"

Whether you're motivated by your career, family, education, travels, or hobbies, this tattoo can represent your drive.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Hopeful"

Stay hopeful with a one-word tattoo in a beautiful script font.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Everything Stays but It Still Changes"

Embrace the changes that you're bound to experience in life with an inspirational quote tattoo like this.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Justice" and "Inspiration"

If you can't decide on one inspirational quote to get tattooed, you can pick two words that have meaning to you and place them on each arm.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Joy"

This tiny tattoo is a simple reminder to seek out joy every single day.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Never Ruin a Good Day . . ."

This ink reads, "Never ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go." It's a reminder everyone can use.


Inspirational Tattoos: "All For Love"

This ink is placed beautifully along the side of the wrist.


Inspirational Tattoos: "Alive"

The word "alive" morphs into a rose in this inspirational tattoo.

Inspirational Tattoos: "Love Yourself"

Self-love is the most important kind. This inspirational tattoo is a good reminder for yourself.