Jennifer Lopez Kicks Off 2023 With "Ghost Layers"

Jennifer Lopez is giving us a belated holiday gift: more hair inspiration. After wowing us with a lob hairstyle a few weeks ago, the star is back with another cut featuring "ghost layers" that will make you want to run to the hair salon immediately.

It's a barely noticeable change, but if you look closely, Lopez's hair now has quite a bit of texture to it — a key trait of the cut. "Ghost," or "invisible," layers are incredibly subtle but serve as a way to remove weight and add movement to hair. Lopez's version of the cut saw her keep almost all of her normal length but add choppier layers throughout. She finished the look off with a smoky eye and neutral nails.

If you're looking for your own fresh haircut to start off the new year right, experts have predicted a handful of styles to fit every vibe. Should you be interested in something more daring, a "jellyfish" haircut — seen on people like Nicole Kidman and Kerry Washington — makes for a great option. Or, if you're going for a straightforward but updated look, you simply can't go wrong with chic curtain bangs. Even bowl cuts will continue to trend in 2023.

But if keeping things simple à la Lopez is more your speed, take a closer look at her "ghost-layers" cut ahead.