Underneath the Glitter, Kesha Likes to Let Her Freckles Shine in Her Makeup-Free Selfies

If there's any celebrity you would expect to see in statement makeup, it's Kesha. The High Road singer frequently experiments with her eye makeup by wearing all sorts of bright colors and glitter, and she even released her own collection of products via HipDot back in 2019. But as much as Kesha loves a fun makeup look, she's never been afraid to show off a more pared-down version of herself on social media.

She regularly shares photos and videos of herself showing off her freckles and wearing little to no makeup on Instagram, usually taken during times when she's had some time off from performing and making other important public appearances. Given the circumstances of the last year and how many of us have spent a lot more time at home, her makeup-free selfies have become a lot more frequent.

Ahead, check out a few selfies of the singer giving herself a break from the full glam and letting her bare face shine.