Kesha Is Launching Her Own Vibrant Makeup Line With 5 Affordable Products

Kesha can add beauty entrepreneur to her résumé, because she's officially launching her own makeup line. The "Raising Hell" singer announced on Thursday that Kesha Rose Beauty will debut on Dec. 13 with five products: an eye shadow palette ($36), two dual-ended liquid liners ($28), and a lipstick and gloss duo ($26), as well as two product bundles that include everything ($120 and $90, with and without a collector's box and note from Kesha, respectively). The collection is produced by and exclusively available through cosmetics brand HipDot, which previously brought us the unforgettable SpongeBob eye shadow palette.

Just like the woman behind it, Kesha Rose Beauty is vibrant, bold, and fun. In a video announcing the line, Kesha said, "Beauty is all about what's inside your soul. I'm just an aura in a skin suit, but I do like to decorate it. That's what this makeup is about. Perfect is not real, and normal is boring." This exciting news comes just ahead of Kesha's upcoming album High Road, so all you "animals" have a lot to look forward to. See more sneak peeks from Kesha Rose Beauty, which gives a nod to the star's middle name, ahead.