15 Knee Tattoo Ideas For Everyone From Beginners to Body Art Connoisseurs

You can get just about any part of your body tattooed, so long as there's an artist out there who's willing to draw it. There are sternum designs for people who want ink that's relatively easy to hide, finger tattoos for the more delicate designs, and even ones for your spine, perfect for those who want to make backless tops look even sexier. When it comes to your legs, though, there's one area that's often overlooked: your knees.

Considering there's not much separating your skin from your bone in this particular area, knee tattoos are said to be pretty painful. Still, that doesn't mean there haven't been some daring people out there who've braved the pain and decked out the area with some true works of art. (Like Halsey, who got one that reads "Poor Thing.") When done right, knee tattoos can be quite an unassuming and surprisingly chic placement.

From above the knee tattoos that are adorably tiny to more complex — and let's face it: painful — knee cap prints, if you're on the hunt for knee tattoo ideas, you've come to the right place. We went ahead and rounded up the best knee tattoos that we could find, so read ahead to get a head start on planning the perfect design for you.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Small Butterflies

If you want your knee tattoo to fall on the smaller side, opt for a delicate design similar to this butterfly one.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Flowers

The best part about floral tattoos is that you can make them as small or large as you like and they'll still look incredible. This gorgoes elongated knee tattoo is a perfect example.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Bandaids

Nothing unites people like that knee scar that seemingly every person on earth has. Why not cover it up with a cool bandage design like Halsey's?

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Rose

If you're brave enough to bare the pain, knee cap tattoos are a pretty bold statement that can't be missed.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Faces

Nothing points to your inner artist more than a face-inspired knee tattoo and this one is no exception.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Leaves

There is something so chic about a minimalist leaf tattoo. Combine it with a side knee tattoo placement and you have a winning combination.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Linework Butterfly

If you want a more intricate butterfly knee tattoo, emphasize the pattern found on the wings of your favorite type.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Airplane

Not only are knee tattoos already really cool but it's not everyday you see a hyperrealistic portrait of a plane on someone's skin.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Bandage

Remember that scar we were talking about? Instead of covering it with you knee tattoo, make it the focal point as seen here.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Shark Jaw

Love sharks? Commemorate your appreciation for your favorite animal with a cool jaw tattoo.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Bumble Bee

Bumble bees are simply adorable and make for a fun knee tattoo design. Look at that pop of color.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Jaw Tattoo

Skull tattoos are pretty common, but the skull outline of a jaw as a knee tattoo? Not so much.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Leaf Tattoo

This knee tattoo features overlapping stems just below the knee cap.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Floral Crescent Moon

Take your moon-inspired knee tattoo up a notch by creating the shape using flowers instead of traditional lines and shading.

Knee Tattoo Ideas: Script

There's nothing like getting your favorite phrase tattooed onto you, so allow this super chic script knee tattoo to serve as some timely inspiration for your own design.