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Knee Tattoo Ideas and Inspiration

18 Out-of-the-Box Tattoo Ideas That Are the Real Bee's Knees

You can get just about any part of your body tattooed, so long as there's an artist out there who's willing to draw it. There are sternum tattoos for people who want ink that's relatively easy to hide, finger tattoos for the more delicate designs, and spine tattoos for people who want to make backless tops look even sexier. When it comes to your legs, though, there's one area that's often overlooked: your knees.

Considering there's not much separating your skin from your bone in this particular area, knee tattoos are said to be pretty painful. Still, that doesn't mean there haven't been some daring people out there who've braved the pain and decked out their knees with some true works of art. (Like Halsey, who got one that reads "Poor Thing.") When done right, this area can be quite an unassuming and surprisingly chic placement.

From tiny tattoos to complex designs, read ahead to take a look at some of our favorite knee tattoo ideas.

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