17 Sternum Tattoos to Turn Your Décolletage Into a Work of Art

Much like jewelry, tattoos are a common form of body adornment; they just so happen to be the kind of accessory you can't take off at the end of the day. If you're thinking about adding a sexy piece of ink to your current tattoo collection, or simply want a hidden design that'll peek through your shirt or bralette, look no further than sternum area — the area located below the breast area on the chest — as a placement option.

Sternum tattoos can be as big or as small as you choose. You can opt for something larger, which could span under the entirety of your breast bone, or go with a small sternum tattoo, which might only take up a tiny area in the center of your chest. While it all depends on your personal preferences, one thing about sternum tattoos is uncontested: no matter the size or design, the end result is always a beautiful unique piece of art.

In case you need even more convincing, we've rounded up some of our favorite examples of sternum tattoos that'll make your décolletage even more delectable. Keep scrolling to check out all of the options, ranging from simple sternum tattoos to unique sternum tattoos.

Arrows Sternum Tattoo

We often see arrows utilized in sternum tattoo designs.

Rose Sternum Tattoo

This intricate rose design is beautiful.

One Line Sternum Tattoo

If you've been searching for simple sternum tattoo ideas, this is one of our favorites.

Moon Sternum Tattoo

We love this single-needle tattoo design.

Snakes Sternum Tattoo

This snake design is a great example of a unique sternum tattoo.

Celestial Sternum Tattoo

This sun is a great example of a simple sternum tattoo.

Bee Sternum Tattoo

If you're looking to get something large, this tattoo that features a bee and floral design would be perfect.

Flower Sternum Tattoo

This flower design is one of our favorite sternum tattoos.

Blooming Sternum Tattoo

If you have a favorite flower, a design like this one would make a unique sternum tattoo.

Landscape Sternum Tattoo

Looking to add a little color into your life? This landscape sternum tattoo is beautiful.

"Breathe" Sternum Tattoo

This "breathe" design is one of our favorite meaningful small sternum tattoos.

Witchy Sternum Tattoo

This design features hands and snakes and is one of the most unique sternum tattoos we've seen.

Flower Bouquet Sternum Tattoo

A flower bouquet makes for a perfect simple sternum tattoo.

Assorted Symbols Sternum Tattoo

This is a great example of a cute small sternum tattoo.

Branches Sternum Tattoo

Could this intricate design be any more beautiful?

Flower Arrangement Sternum Tattoo

We love everything about this unique sternum tattoo.