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19 Sternum Tattoo Ideas and Inspiration

19 Sternum Tattoos to Turn Your Décolletage Into a Work of Art

19 Sternum Tattoo Ideas and Inspiration

  • Sternum tattoos are placed in the middle of your chest, under the breastbone.
  • The trend has been seen on Rihanna and Karol G, among other celebrities.
  • Here's what to know about sternum tattoos and photos to inspire your next ink.

Much like jewelry, tattoos are a common form of body adornment; they just so happen to be the kind of accessory you can't take off at the end of the day. If you're thinking about adding a sexier piece of ink to your current tattoo collection, or simply want a hidden design that'll peek through your shirt or bralet, look no further than sternum area — the area located below the breast area on the chest — as a placement option.

This piece of body art can be as big or small as you choose, and span under the entirety of your breast bone or take up just the center of your chest, depending on your personal preferences. One thing about sternum tattoos is uncontested, though: it doesn't get much sexier — just look at Rihanna's sternum tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis, which she got in 2012 in honor of her late grandmother, Gran Gran Dolly.

In case you need even more convincing, we've rounded up inspiration of 19 sternum tattoos that'll make your décolletage even more delectable.

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