Bad Energy, Begone: Kylie Jenner's Vacation Manicure Looks Covered in Teeny Evil Eyes

Kylie Jenner is sporting a vacation manicure if we've ever seen one. While traipsing around some undisclosed tropical location with friends, the reality star and beauty entrepreneur shared a shot of her latest nail-art design, which had the tips of her neutral, almond-shaped acrylics painted in colorful, mismatched dots almost resembling evil eyes.

The unique manicure appears to have taken inspiration from the "neon french twist" manicure trend, as well as the negative-space trend, which Jenner has previously tried out. She paired the quirky look with a few 2000s-style chunky rings, which are making quite the comeback this year. Take a closer look below, and snag the Instagram Story as a reference for your next trip to the nail salon.

Instagram | kyliejenner