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Neon French Twist Nail-Art Ideas to Try in Summer 2021

"Neon French Twist" Nails Are Giving a Bright Upgrade to a Tried-and-True Classic

When it comes to nail-art trends, it doesn't get more traditional than a french manicure. The classic nail design featuring white tips was once a go-to for nail-art-lovers in the early 2000s, and it's slowly crept its way back into the mainstream over the last few years in more ways than one. People these days are getting creative with their french manicures — from the slanted to the inverted — and with warmer weather on the horizon, you can expect another switch-up, only this time with color à la "neon french twist" nails.

A "neon french twist" manicure features tips that are painted with neon colors versus the standard white. "The future is looking brighter, and we're starting to see a hopeful end that's being reflected through color," celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein told POPSUGAR. "Multiple neons are a big trend right now."

Gerstein coined the term for the nail-art design, which she claims is not only a fresh way to add life into a classic but also the perfect way to have fun with multiple neons at once. "We're straying away from solid-color manicures and having fun with mixing and matching," she said. "Neons are adding a twist to the classic french manicure. I love the feeling these colors give; they are an instant mood boost."

Read ahead to check out a few cool takes on the neon french twist manicure.

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