Can We Talk About Lady Gaga's Stick-On Eyebrows in A Star Is Born?

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The first time Jackson (played by Bradley Cooper) sees Ally (Lady Gaga) appear on stage in A Star Is Born, you can practically see the fireworks dance in his eyes. It is love — or, at the very least, intrigue — at first sight, fueled by her soulful rendition of Edith Piaf's "La Vie en Rose."

But there is something else you, a non steadily declining country singer with a debilitating addiction person in the audience, also probably noticed: her thin, stick-on eyebrows. The look serves as a central theme throughout the movie — perhaps a subtle, almost poetic nod to her natural beauty. When the pair first meet backstage, for example, Jackson peels off Ally's faux brow ("the whole point is I can see your face," he coos). Later, in the bathtub, she uses the stickers to give him a makeover.

Yet, while Cooper has said the scene was plucked from the film's third remake in 1976, stick-on eyebrows are not a thing of the past. Take a peek at the fringe for yourself, plus all the options out there on the market, ahead. Who knows, maybe it'll inspire your own rising-star costume for Halloween — if you can manage to think about the whole thing without ugly-crying, that is.

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The Eyebrows in A Star Is Born

Haven't seen the film yet? You can check out Lady Gaga's stick-on eyebrows at the 50-second mark.