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3 LGBTQ+ Models Share Their Body-Hair Stories

3 LGBTQ+ People Share Their Journeys With Body Hair

3 LGBTQ+ Models Share Their Body-Hair Stories
Image Source: Billie / Photography by Stevie and Mada

Body hair: it's a hot-button topic, but why? What you choose to do with your body hair — whether that's grow it out, laser it off, shave it, wax it, or dye it — is a personal matter. Yet so many people still get pretty up in arms about it — especially when it goes against what other people consider "acceptable." Despite what society tells you, the choice to keep or remove the hair on your armpits, legs, face, or down there is entirely yours. But that doesn't necessarily make it an easy choice.

Current beauty standards (as well as gender norms, pressure from family and friends . . .) can make you feel like you have to present yourself a certain way, but many people are trying to shift that narrative. In addition to a handful of celebrities normalizing body hair, many brands are celebrating hair in various other ways. One of these brands is Billie with its new "Hair Stories" campaign for Pride Month.

Ahead, read how three of the models featured in Billie's "Hair Stories" embrace their body hair.

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