Move Over, Chrome — Mirrored Nails Are Taking Over

There's no denying the impact that chrome nails, and as an extension, glazed-doughnut nails, have had. We've seen the trends on practically every A-lister in Hollywood at award shows and weddings alike, but for anyone feeling fatigued over the current it manicures, mirrored nails are going to be the next big thing in nail trends.

A manicure you'd likely see in "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century," mirrored nails are a step above chrome with their high-shine, metallic finish. While chrome nails come in a rainbow of colors, the mirrored-nails trend comes in a signature shade: silver. The first step to getting mirrored nails is to paint fingernails in plain black polish. Then, chrome powder is layered on top, sometimes requiring multiple coats until you get a metal-like finish. You know you're done when your nails look like they're coated in the same stuff that spaceships are made out of.

Where the customization opportunities lie is in nail art. In its most classic form, mirrored nails look great as an all-over color, but the finish also lends itself to various trendy designs. French manicures, swirl designs, polka dots, reverse french tips, and so many other popular designs can be combined with mirrored nails by incorporating negative space.

Ahead of the warmer months, mirrored nails feel like the perfect edgy manicure for anyone who isn't all that into floral or pastel nails (or for anyone just looking to mix things up). The look is complementary to the "indie sleaze" beauty moment that we're seeing but can be paired with any beauty vibe. Though not a true neutral, the mirrored finish can play off all colors, making it ultra-wearable. Need some inspiration for your own mirror nails? Read ahead to see some of our favorite versions of the trend.

Mirrored Swirl Nails

Abstract nails paired with a nude base are super in right now; combine the look with the mirrored finish and you have a super trendy manicure.

Oval Mirrored Nails

This mirrored manicure perfectly complements the silver rings.

Mirrored French Nails

Mirrored nails can be worn with french tips — this manicure also features water droplets.

Negative Space Mirrored Nails

This minimal take on the mirrored nails trend incorporates the finish in abstract lines.

Short Mirrored Nails

The beauty of the mirrored nails trend is that it works on all nail shapes and lengths.