The Reverse French Manicure Is a Spin on the Classic Look

We thought we had seen every twist on the classic french manicure possible — but oh, were we wrong. There's a new take on the throwback trend (and one we should have seen coming with the invisible french, the glazed-doughnut french, and many more cool iterations), only this one literally flips the traditional design upside down. Meet the reverse french manicure.

Of course, we shouldn't be surprised by this take — especially with so many A-listers in Hollywood showing their support for the many different iterations of the design. The reverse french manicure, otherwise known as the inverted french manicure, is simple yet so visually pleasing. It looks just how you'd imagine: the cuticle is painted a solid color instead of the tip of the nails. As with any nail-art design, there are so many different shades you can choose from when trying out this trend.

In the past year alone, Blake Lively, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Dove Cameron all wore reverse manicures for red carpet events. And before them, Chrissy Teigen and Megan Thee Stallion also gave the look a try. That should be all the proof you need to understand that the reverse french mani isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

If you're stuck in a manicure rut, get inspiration for the nail trend taking this year by storm. We compiled a list of some of our favorite versions of the reverse french manicure that you'll want to save for later.

Additional reporting by Jessica Harrington

Chrome Reverse French Manicure

Dove Cameron wore a chrome reverse french manicure to a movie premiere, completing her ensemble.

Blue Reverse French Manicure

Baby-blue nail polish pairs beautifully with a nude base in this reverse french manicure.

Black Reverse French Manicure

Black can be quite the dramatic nail-polish color when used on the entire fingernail, but it feels less so in the reverse french.

Pink and Red Reverse French Manicure

For an extra-special look, try combining the reverse french manicure (see the red polish at the base of each nail) with the traditional french (see the pink tip).

Green Reverse French Manicure

This reverse french manicure combines two different shades of green — a shimmery pastel and a deep forest hue — for a unique twist.

Gold Reverse French Manicure

This reverse french manicure features a line of metallic gold at the cuticle.

Pink Reverse French Manicure

Using a baby-pink shade with a clear base, as seen here, makes for a subtle manicure.

Nude and White Reverse French Manicure

For a minimalist take on the trend, try a nude and white combo.

Rainbow Reverse French Manicure

If you want a pop of color without going too overboard, try pairing some bright shades with a neutral base.

Nude and Gold Reverse French Manicure

This chic reverse french manicure has a nude, "supermodel" base that mimics the shade of the natural nail, with a gold inverted line.

Multicolored Reverse French Manicure

Why settle for just one pop of color when you can include a variety of shades and patterns in your reverse french?

Neutral and White Reverse French Manicure

This reverse french manicure closely resembles the traditional nail design in color.

White and Ombré Reverse French Manicure

The ombré base of this reverse french manicure really makes it unique.

Rainbow Reverse French Manicure

If you can't pick just one accent color, opt for a rainbow take on the reverse french manicure.

Glitter Reverse French Manicure

For an added element of sparkle, use glitter nail polish to create your reverse smile line.

Black and White Reverse French Manicure

This reverse manicure features two colors, black and white, on each nail.