Olivia Rodrigo's French Manicure Gets a Colorful Upgrade

Olivia Rodrigo is channeling summer with her latest manicure. The singer's manicurist, Brittney Boyce, recently posted a selfie of Rodrigo on her Instagram page showing off the rainbow french manicure she was wearing.

Rodrigo's nails featured french tips with a translucent-pink base color and neat cuticles. They were filed into a short square shape and each tip was painted with a thick, horizontal line. To add some more flare, each tip was in a different shade of green or purple, giving the manicure a skittles makeover for cohesion without being boring.

French manicures are a certified favorite in Hollywood. The trend has been spotted on people like Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, and Lori Harvey with no signs of it going anywhere any time soon. As evidenced by Rodrigo's iteration of the trend, it can also work well with color for a special occasion. Take a closer look at her nails below.