Bella Hadid's Baby French Manicure Adds a Classic Touch to Her Travel Outfit

While Bella Hadid experiments with a handful of bolder fashion choices, it seems she's keeping her manicures simple. On Aug. 18, the supermodel — who's become somewhat of a poster child for the revival of the Y2K era — posted a photo on Instagram at what looks like a private airstrip, and her nails were the perfect addition to a cozy travel outfit.

As is characteristic of the baby french manicure that she was wearing, Hadid kept her nails devoid of any additional nail art, other than the thin white line at the top of each nail. "The baby french mani is your typical french mani but with a thinner accent line on the tip of the nail," Lilly Rojas, cofounder of Brooklyn-based salon Lili and Cata, tells POPSUGAR. "It gives the french a more subtle and modern look."

If you want to re-create Hadid's nail look, there are different ways to wear a baby french. "I recommend you go with the colors you love and break away from the traditional white tips," Rojas says. "Many of our clients are having fun with it and go multicolor for their tips." If you're someone who likes color, couple the nail look with the dopamine nail trend and "pick the colors that make you happy," Rojas suggests.

Take a closer look at Hadid's nails below.