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Transgender Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

The Transgender Beauty and Style Mistakes I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Transgender Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

Are you a size 5? Maybe a 6? I'm so jealous . . . I'm at least a 9. That is never going to change, but I thought buying shoes would always be a problem. Nope! I forgot that many cis women have larger feet too, which means most shoe stores have larger sizes as well.

As a trans woman, if you don't feel comfortable asking for a size from someone in a store, try one of the many discount self-service shoe stores. Most cities have them, and it's unlikely that anyone would bat an eyelid when you try stuff on, regardless of how you're presenting yourself at that particular time. There are also more and more online stores that offer free shipping and returns for shoes, so you always have that option.

Again though, trans girls, don't go too crazy on the heels to start with! It is so easy to overcompensate after years of not wearing heels to go for something with an outlandish six-inch heel. Sure, go ahead if you want to, but the danger is that you may come off as drag queen. And that's fine if you are one, but until you find your own shoe niche (which you will, in time), just go a little easy on the stilettos!

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