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Should I Get Electrolysis?

This Old-School Method Is the Only Way to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Hair Forever

Should I Get Electrolysis?

We live in an age of quick fixes. Need an at-home blowout? There's an app for that. Want glowing skin? Get an express facial. Desire thinner thighs? Zap fat away in minutes. But, for me, when it comes to hair removal, my mantra is "slow and steady wins the race." I have seen my co-workers receive results from speedy methods like laser, but I come from a camp that is a more meticulous method — electrolysis.

I started getting electrolysis when I was in my teens from a very talented woman named Ronni Kolotkin. Ronni is an NYC-based electrologist who has been helping women get fuzz-free since 1972 (she started when she was 26!). What made her get into the niche practice? "I had a lot of hair that I wanted to get rid of," she explained. "Now I don't have any hair on my body! It's all gone forever. I haven't had to shave my legs in 42 years."

Though this permanent hair-removal method (laser is actually only permanent hair reduction) has been around for decades, it's rarely talked about and often seems to be standing in laser's shadow. But I am not one to follow the crowd, and I truly believe that electrolysis is the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair. Not only is it permanent (and I have had those lasting hair-free results!), but it also allows you to target specific hairs rather than an area so you will never cause stimulation. For those who don't know, stimulation is when fine blond hairs are targeted and then come back darker or thicker.

While Ronni recently wrote a book, Hair Removal Solutions ($4), explaining the electrolysis procedure, I interviewed her to get even more insider info on what electrolysis feels like, how to make it hurt less, and why it might be the right hair-removal choice for you.

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