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Transgender Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

The Transgender Beauty and Style Mistakes I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Transgender Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

Clothes shopping is surely one of the greatest pleasures for women, but for trans women it can be tough. Of course, there are trans girls who are 5'5", built with a slight frame, with legs that go up to their neck (some trans models are truly stunning), but most of us are stuck with broader shoulders, minimal waistlines, and flat butts. Can we still look— and feel — femme? Yes! It is all about choosing the right outfits and accessories. The biggest faux pas I made in the earlier stages of my transition was trying to squeeze into clothes that were too small. If I really, really pulled that zipper hard, I could get into a tight top. But what I realized later was that trying to wear clothes one size too small makes you appear two sizes bigger! Sure, some things can be tight fitting, but know your limitations. I am blessed with legs that look good in skinny jeans, but I have to be super careful what I wear as a top or the muffin top returns . . . Yup, just like every other woman!

Again, it's about striking the right balance between feeling good yet acknowledging that everything might not be a good fit. I would love to rock a cute little babydoll dress, but I really don't have the natural figure for it. (And I'm not sure if it is age-appropriate anymore!) Longer dresses, pencil skirts, and sweater tops work far better for me.

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