Costumes Are Great and All, but Rhinestone Makeup Is Where It's at This Halloween

For a new twist on Halloween costumes, an elaborate rhinestone Halloween makeup look might be exactly what you're looking for. If you're a beauty buff more than a fashionista, or if you're just looking for something totally unique, an intricate face full of colorful sparkles will definitely make you stand out at any Halloween bash. Ahead, we've rounded up over 30 of the best, most creative ideas for Halloween rhinestone makeup looks from Instagram. Whether you're looking for something deeply spooky, light and glittery, or bold and colorful, there's sure to be an idea that's just right for you. Keep reading to see our favorite picks — and maybe find your next Halloween style!

Goth Rhinestone Tears

Devilish Red Eyes

Shiny Starbursts

Fairy Queen

Scary Sparkly Skeleton

Rainbow Half Face

Full Face Scary Skull

Tie-Dye Swirl

Hot Pink Flames

Peacock Sparkles

Inspired by Euphoria's Jules

Euphoric Blue Butterfly

Starry Night

Pink and Yellow Butterfly Effect

Rhinestone Brows and Cheeks

Colorful Rhinestone Outline

Delicate Rhinestone Cheeks

"Neon Demon"

Latticework With Rhinestones

Hot Pink Glitter Heart

Blue Alien Rhinestones

All-Over Rainbow Glitter

Spring Tie-Dye Sparkles

Sparkly Rainbow Spikes

Pride Month Rhinestones

Bubbly Pink Sparkles

Infinity Gauntlet Inspo