Sabrina Carpenter Gives Chrome Nails a 3D Update

Sabrina Carpenter is jumping on the chrome-nails trend but adding her own twist. The singer and her nail artist, Mei Kawajiri, created a manicure with 3D texture, giving the nails an ethereal feel.

In a photo shared on her Instagram Stories, you can see Kawajiri opted to keep Carpenter's nails natural instead of adding extensions. She then added varying droplet designs to each finger, almost mimicking the look of lava-lamp jelly. The manicure was finished with an opalescent chrome nail-polish shade that looked like it was straight from outer space.

Chrome manicures have been having a moment lately, with stars like Zendaya, Beyoncé, and Chloë all wearing their own versions of the look. The trend was also given a new life thanks to Hailey Bieber's "glazed-doughnut" nails, which also utilize chrome powder for a "wet" look. This is all to say: chrome nails aren't going anywhere any time soon.

Take a closer look at Carpenter's nails below.

Instagram | nailsbymei