Saweetie's 3-Inch Stiletto Manicure Is Studded With Rhinestone Cherries

Saweetie's new manicure is the beauty equivalent of sky-high stilettos. On Jan. 31, the rapper shared photos of her extra-long design embellished with rhinestone cherry charms. "lil sum sum," Saweetie said of her "new grabbaz" on Instagram.

The three-inch nails featured a fuchsia base layered with a glossy overcoat. Going all out with the nail art, she adorned each acrylic with a rhinestone cherry charm, followed by two gemstones in ruby red. The clever vertical arrangement created the illusion that cherry juice was dripping down each nail.

It takes skill and practice to strut in a pair of heels, and wearing a set of nails longer than your fingers is no easy task. Still, Saweetie made her new manicure look effortless as she threw up peace signs and posed for selfies in the bathroom mirror. Staying on theme, Saweetie wore a green-and-pink tie-dye hoodie with sparkly strawberry embellishments. She also toted a 3D Kirby phone case and pink Chanel crossbody bag.

The "Closer" singer isn't the only celebrity who's taken their nail art to the next level recently. Amid the popularity of neutral trends like milk-bath nails, glazed-doughnut nails, and rich-girl nails, some stars have been taking a more colorful approach. Selena Gomez flashed a pair of Skittles nails at Variety's 2022 Hitmakers Brunch in Los Angeles, Dua Lipa gave her violet chrome manicure a "gloopy" twist during a night out, and Sydney Sweeney walked the red carpet at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles wearing a set of pink cat-eye nails.

Ahead, see Saweetie's gorgeous stiletto nails up close. (Careful, they're sharp.)