Storm Reid's Bohemian Braids Are Peak Summer Vibes

Storm Reid's latest hairstyle is a stylish reminder that summer isn't over just yet. On Aug. 11, the actor posted a picture of her designer braids on Instagram, and it will make you want to book a vacation immediately.

Reid went to hairstylist Kia Harper, who gave the actor a gorgeous cross between designer cornrows and bohemian braids. The look started off in a quintessential designer-cornrow style with stitch braids creating hearts all over Reid's head. However, each side of the heart came together in a single braid, and the ends were left curly to give the look a chic, effortless, bohemian feel.

Designer cornrows are an easy way to take your protective styles up a notch. You can incorporate different designs like hearts, as Reid did, zigzags, stars, and more while still getting the benefits of traditional braided protective styles — a win-win. The curly "bohemian" ends on her braids also add an intentionally undone element that will only look better the older the style gets. This makes it the perfect vacation look. "Most of us who get box braids actually wait for that moment where the hairs start to come out a bit and we can wear the style with baby hairs," celebrity stylist Annagjid "Kee" Taylor previously told POPSUGAR. "This style is almost a blend of faux locs and goddess locs, so there's a timeless vibe to it while it still feels really modern and fresh."

Take a closer look at Reid's braids ahead.