Bohemian Box-Braid Styles Are the Definition of Effortless

Bohemian box braids have cemented themselves as one of the most popular summer braid trends year after year. However, the style is so cute, it wouldn't be surprising if you wanted to add it to your fall and winter protective style roundup as well, so feel free to go ahead and add them to your list of styles to try out in the next few months (if you haven't already).

This look isn't exactly new — box braids themselves have been around for practically forever, and they can be dated all the way back to ancient Egypt — but this boho update was introduced fairly recently.

"This is a newer version of box braids where there are hairs left out of the braid for a more casual undone-yet-cool look," celebrity stylist Annagjid "Kee" Taylor previously told POPSUGAR. "Most of us who get box braids actually wait for that moment where the hairs start to come out a bit and we can wear the style with baby hairs. This style is almost a blend of faux locs and goddess locs, so there's a timeless vibe to it while it still feels really modern and fresh."

Also referred to as "goddess box braids" and "boho box braids," this is a perfect style to take on if you want to give your regular box braids a perfectly undone look. Ahead, check out a few of our favorite takes on Bohemian box braids.