Throat-Tattoo Ideas and Inspiration (That Aren't as Shocking as Machine Gun Kelly's)

When you think of throat tattoos, something similar to Machine Gun Kelly's shocking red-line tattoo might come to mind. However, just because the throat isn't necessarily the most common place to get a tat doesn't mean you can't find inspiration that fits your style.

Unlike neck tattoos, which tend to be on the back or sides of the neck, throat tattoos are located front and center. Though unconventional, the location is great for showing off all of the latest trendy tattoos: flowers, constellations, fine-line designs, and more.

Take Elle King's uniquely placed snake tattoo, for example. The black-ink design runs vertically down the center of her throat and is decorated with tiny stars on either side. Kehlani's stunning throat piece, on the other hand, wraps around her neck and features a variety of drawings and words.

Whether a tiny tattoo under your chin is more your style or you'd prefer a full neck tattoo, find more throat-tattoo inspiration ahead.