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17 Chic Tiny Face and Neck Tattoos

Contrary to Popular Belief, Tiny Face and Neck Tattoos Have the Potential to Look Really Chic

When people hear the phrase "face tattoos," the first thing that tends to come to mind is ink smacked in the middle of the cheek, forehead, or under the eye. But an overall destigmatization of tattoos over the last few years has helped people open their minds and realize that there's more to it than that. Tattoos all over the body are becoming more "normal" and less taboo — especially in highly visible areas like the neck, face, and hands.

Face tattoos don't have to be scary or even big — when it comes to tiny, elegant designs, they can actually look chic. Think: stars behind the ear, initials written in script on the temple. Even Selena Gomez and Halsey have tiny, fine line tattoos on their faces and necks that are almost invisible unless you look really, really closely. (Gomez has the word "Rare" for her latest album written in scrip on the side of her neck, while Halsey has a "Q" in red ink on the side of her head.) Both tattoos can be completely hidden when they wear their hair down.

If you're still resistant to the idea, keep scrolling to see a collection of tiny, and — dare we say, pretty — neck and face tattoos.

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