Tortoiseshell Nails Are Going Nowhere . . . So It's a Good Thing They're Easier Than They Look

  • Tortoiseshell manicures are a popular nail-art trend for fall and winter.
  • The pattern incorporates colors of honey, caramel, copper, and brown.
  • There are many different ways you can wear the tortoiseshell nail-art trend.

Tortoiseshell is a likely color pattern for glasses, jewelry, and cats. But like all great things, it's made its way to the beauty world. First, there was tortoiseshell hair, a subtle brunette color with honey, caramel, and copper hues. Now, and perhaps even better, the pattern has made its way onto nails — and we didn't think a manicure could look so chic.

Great for beginners, this technique involves a lot of blobbing — perfection isn't necessary — of some autumnal brown and black shades. The standalone style is definitely enough for a beautiful manicure, however simple tortoiseshell isn't the only way to create the effect; other interpretations of the design include accent nails, negative space designs, and gold leaf effects, making this nail trend the centerpiece of any outfit.

Get a closer look at the different types of tortoiseshell nails out there, and get ready to bookmark all of them to show your nail tech.